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This is a really difficult bulletin to make. But I need help. (Please feel free to re-post this if you have a friend's list that might be able to help.)

Well, I don't need help. The cat that our neighbor had been feeding and asked us to take over feeding needs help. We have been feeding her for around a year now.

About a week ago I noticed she hadn't been eating the food we leave out. I had insomnia and at 3 a.m. I went out front and there she was under our front bush. Her back left leg was out of commission and it took me half an hour to lure her inside and then get her out back. We tried to get animal control out here but they refused since we had been feeding her for more than 72 hours. So according to Austin she belongs to us.

Well, it took us almost a week to finally catch her again and I knew that she had either been hit by a car or tortured by a neighbor. When they X-Rayed her leg the Veterinarian found out she got shot. That is right. Some neighbor SHOT this cat. For no reason other than either nastiness or some other frakked up reason. They found the pellet in her leg, still lodged there. Her femur has multiple fractures.


$800-. For just the leg (that is not including all the other work we need to have done like tests to make sure she can live in our house and shots etc).

Which we can not afford. So I'm putting a request out there for people to help me save her. The veterinarian told me that if it was a question of her being put to sleep or $800 that he would make the cost less (between $500-$600). I can give the information to anybody sincerely interested in helping us keep this cat alive.

Obviously we're going to make her an indoor cat after all this because she is not safe outside. If there is anybody who wants a cat that is adorable, calm once she realizes she is not in any danger, and that can not be allowed outside, that would help as well. Preferably in the Austin area or at least capable of making the trip to come get her.

The Veterinarian:
South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic
403 E Ben White Blvd. #F
Austin, TX

The cat's information: Callie (Cali - a calico), shot in the leg, multiple femur fractures with pellet lodged in leg. In under my husband's name (contact me for his name if you do not have it).

Just let me know if you can send donations directly to the hospital. Or send checks or money orders made out to the Veterinarian's office. Or call them and make credit card donations for her.

I do not have any of the paperwork yet, but will get some as of Monday. Any help with this will be highly appreciated.

Anybody who knows and trusts me enough, if you send money via Paypal I will make sure to send out a regular countdown until we reach the limit needed and then stop accepting money. Which is why I would prefer it to be made out to the clinic vs in my/my husband's name.

** Edited to add **

For Callie the Cat (who got shot)

God, I wish I could help but I don't have an income anymore. I do think it's wonderful that you are helping her.
That might help...I updated information. I know that people have run scams in the past which is why I have the cat's name and the Vet's name as well so that people can actually contact them to make sure that I'm being legit in this.

I really want to see her live. And even though she's going to make life a bit hellish if we have to keep her, so be it. I don't want her to have to die because some asshole decided to shoot this harmless cat in the leg.

I currently have 16 cats - 6 indoor and 10 in my barn. My calico got hit by a car last year - she was a feral who moved into the barn. Her name was Callie - so I have sent $5.00 to Callie in memory of my Callie.
Thank you! I am really happy that my friends are helping me out by passing this around. Well, not just me. Callie as well.
Given my own financial situation right now I can't really help...BUT, is it cool if I spread the word around?
Yes, please. I would love for as many of my friends to share this as possible. Since the money is not going to me at all I hope to avoid the whole "scam" fear. That's why I'm making it as easy for people to get in touch with the Vet themselves as possible.
Done! I SOOOOO wish I could help, but I'm still recovering from the $1,000 plus spent on Scooby last month...sometimes it's hard to be an animal lover.
Please put up a paypal link and I'll give some/spread around.
hi! Machinarex sent the word out, about this.

Like everyone else, I'm completely skint right now too. I have $16 in my paypal account and just sent you $15..not much but its a start for you.

I have a show NEXT weekend, hopefully I'll make a bunch and can send you more.

We use to feed alot of ferals. between 15-22 depending..in a shitty neighborhood, so many times have we had to go thru this-and worse too, where they couldn't be helped. Sucks that people fucking suck so damn much to hurt an animal for no reason...

anyway-gonna spread the word too, hopefully-We can all raise enough $$ to save her.
Every little bit helps. Hopefully 100 people can chip in $5- and that means we'll have enough after our cost up front ($200-) and the neighbors that are helping. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-- Molly
oh gosh you are so welcome. I WISH I could give you $150. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, She'll get all the $$ she needs!
Thank you!


Every little bit will help. I know you went through hell when your baby ate that "hair" ... I'm just hoping we can get enough help for Callie (as I call her) to make it. So far, so good. It seems like people really want to help us save her.
I'll pay pal $20.00
Thank you so very, very much! I'll post photos of her healing and everything. With your donation we are up to $95- tonight. That is making things good.

You sound like you're doing well with your business. Congratulations. You deserve it after all the hard work you have done. We should meet for tea.
Mange la Mode donated $20.00 via queenbella64@hotmail.com

Good luck to Callie.