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Tomorrow she goes into surgery. She's also going to be tested for everything they can test and make sure that she's in okay shape. We'll probably be bringing her home either on Wednesday or Thursday.

People have been very helpful. Please feel free to read more about the needs of getting her taken care of at these two posts:




The Vet seems to think they'll be able to do everything they can to fix her leg and make her a healthy cat. With her being shot and the wild animals that could eat her all around I'll feel safer with her in a safe home that can give her lots of love.

If you're somebody that can offer her a home, please let me know. For now though we're just going to go on what the city of Austin said and take her in. With our $200 and the donations so far we're up to $600! Just a couple hundred more to go and she'll be covered. Once again, thank you.

And feel free to call the vet (information listed on the first post). We have made it very clear we're taking donations for her so they can field all calls letting you know that this is a legitimate case. We still do not have the paperwork but can expect it after they do the surgery.
I once had a friend with similar problems have the donations called in to the vet directly. If they're okay with that, people can use their credit cards over the phone (to avoid a paypal cut).

Wow, I'm so happy to hear you've gotten a lot more help. I hope it keeps coming! Oh, and great news that they think they can help her to be 100% again!