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The two paid invoices. We've paid a total of $780- (Our own cash plus donations). Plus we need to make sure when she goes back for her soft cast in a couple of weeks and in the next six weeks that there's enough money. We're only about $200 short of the $800 plus extras like the FLV tests so we could bring her in the house as well as all the shots, necessary. But we have been SUPER LUCKY. As has she! Thank you to everybody who has donated already. And to those who might help with the rest of the balance. Click on the pictures for full size images.

Here is Callie. She is in our guest bedroom with her own food and her own litter box. She is not hissing too much. She is becoming used to being held and the Vet said she is gaining capability to trust much faster than he expected. They had to leave the pellet in her leg. But she's moving around ... slowly.

For Callie the Cat (who got shot)

Awww!!! Look at her sticky outy leg!! God, I'm so glad she's going to be ok. Tomorrow is pay-day, so my little donation will come then :)
(Deleted comment)
Since she had to go back to the vet today due to a possible blockage we're not happy. Any little bit helps.

I called, btw. Want (need) to hang out.

We're moving to Portland. Oregon. Soon.

Love you...
Donation made. May her recover be quick :)
She had to go back to the vet today since she hasn't gone to the toilet since we got her back. That is bad.

Hopefully this will not rack up more costs...we're still under our hoped for goal.


But your bit will definitely help!