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Callie is being rushed back to the vet. I went in to check her litter box, food and water and she was not looking happy. I went over and she started growling at me...not a normal thing lately. So I went to pet her and she got up and hobbled across the room and I nearly blacked out. The pin in her leg is poking out so badly that the skin is red and raw!

So I called Shawn in a complete panic attack mode and then called the vet. Shawn came home from work and is dropping her off at the vet's office.

Still feeling dizzy and nauseous. I really did not want this responsibility when we agreed to feed the feral outdoor cat for the neighbors when they moved.

** Edited to Add **

Another $50 for the vet bill. I'll scan the receipt when I get a chance and post it with the others.
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