mollyblack (mollyblack) wrote,

This is it...

We paid $110 for the cat yesterday. Not our cat. Callie.

We found a pain specialist that works with FMS. To schedule my appointment since his office doesn't take our insurance is $100. Then the actual appointment is another $200.

Which we do not have because of the cat.

So guess what?

Since donations helped us with the first bit, but not the after parts and since nobody has stepped forward to take the cat we're taking her to the only shelter that accepts cats at this time.

It is a kill shelter.

We do not want to - but if it is a matter of me vs her the answer is me. The pain is so bad I can barely type this.

I just want to be honest and up front. The donations helped keep her alive but there weren't enough of them to keep the appointment charges going. The vet basically lied to us. Told us he would charge us a certain amount, but the amount has kept ballooning.

If you can give this cat a home? Please step forward now. But if not? She is going to the shelter by the end of Friday.

Period. We can not afford more and more costs for a cat that is not ours and that our neighbors asked us to feed when they moved. This has become ridiculous. We all tried our best but this is our stopping point.

** Edited to add **

I am not mad at our neighbors, and the tone may have been too harsh. They asked us to feed her after they had to move due to work and sell their house and it is not their fault some asshole shot Callie. I am frustrated and upset by all this, but it is definitely not their fault.
Tags: callie, do you have a home for her?, last call for help

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