December 18th, 2007

Grammar Police

Not a meme ... just me

Some things few people know about me:
  1. I was married to a British Citizen whom I never consummated my marriage with for over ten years.

  2. I was engaged to a European citizen who I have a matching ring tattoo with that he did for both of us in typical jailhouse style.

  3. Before I met my husband I dated somebody who either had a full-on flashback or a temporal lobe epileptic attack. Either way people spread lies that I had dosed when I had not.

  4. I sang on a Magnetic Fields song and was offered the chance to play bass before Claudia. The song is on a tape in my archives along with my release - the song never got used partially because I am a nobody and partially because the song and I did not meld well.

  5. I want to become a successful character actress. Not a star. Not famous. Just a good character actress that future film critics praise for my ability to take on different roles and make them come alive even if they're just background.

  6. The fact my husband has a successful career and has a book published and more good things like that on the way should make me happy for him. But sometimes I find myself filled with envy. Those days make AF even more important to me.

  7. I started doing industrial club stuff back in 1989 and kept up with it on and off until 2005 when I had been throwing raves with the help of other rave promoters and DJs back in 2004. One of Bauhaus/Tones on Tail came to a 6 a.m. event I threw in SF due to the DJ who I had a brief relationship with and is now famous. As a side note I think I started attending events around the age of 17 which means 21 years ago. Ick.
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