February 13th, 2008

pain, fms, uterus

What a week...

  1. Please somebody, anybody get me these to help me put more weight back on?

  2. As of today I weigh 118 fully clothed with sneakers and sweatshirt which means 115 actually (if I am lucky). I need help gaining weight back. Eating only fruit and an egg/stripple/bagel sandwich obviously does not cut it for making me gain weight back from being sick last week.

  3. I have two antibiotics to take for ten days due to possibly having a flesh eating virus on my ear. I wish I was joking.

  4. Our house is going up for sale some time between March and May. Many reasons why.

  5. Had my MRI last night of the "C2-C6" and should find out tomorrow if anything is wrong. However found out from a specialist that it usually takes four weeks instead of just a week and a half to find out if there is something wrong so possibly may get a false negative and have to start all over again if the neck/arm does not fix itself in the next two and a half weeks.

  6. I will be on KXAN Austin News next Thursday at 6pm due to me talking about a machine called the E-P-F-X. The journalist wrote to say that "While we mention your sister, we don’t identify her. We say that your sister used the device to reduce her allergies, and tried to get you to use it for pain. I think it will be a good piece that puts some good facts out there for people to decide." Hopefully it will not make me hate myself but at least they respected my sister's wishes to be kept out of the discussion.

  7. Tomorrow night we will watch Annie Hall and Play It Again, Sam both starring Dianne Keaton and Woody Allen. Only one directed by him though most people don't know that. If people come over early enough we could probably find a third movie that falls under the romantic comedy umbrella to watch. Yay for Netflix insta-watch movies -- especially classics that we won't have to wait for.

  8. Tomorrow early a.m. seeing the psychiatrist, tomorrow evening enjoying frozen food heated up and Shawn's picking out the dessert.

  9. Sunday we will have dinner at TMP with friends and family ... we want enough people to get a private room so if you can make it, please say you will. Salad eating friends welcome. Especially if you stay until the chocolate dessert finale.
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