April 16th, 2008


No New York Comic Con For Me...

Had to cancel my flight due to finances. Had a place to stay for half the trip, but couldn't afford a hotel on top of the cost of moving (and renting a house while waiting a month for renters to move into the house you own means two months of living expenses PLUS the deposit for the rental PLUS the movers) so moved the funds into a place where I can use them to make the date another month and/or fly to two other conventions instead later on.

I feel sad but that makes sense. I plan on spending time resting and then going to the Vortex Room to cover a double feature weekend just for the fun of giving them more exposure and keeping me from getting too down by not doing anything. Plus it will only cost the fee of crossing the bridge two nights.

Reading a wonderfully terrible non-fiction book, "A Cast of Killers" by Sidney D. Patrick that gigan purchased at the local Goodwill.

Okay. Now to rest and get better.
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