July 24th, 2008

End Of The World


Shawn woke me up with a "If we're going we're going, but if we're not I have too much office work to do today." Thus I told him if he could get a refund for our hotel costs that we had paid for I would stay.

Well, he got the refund (aren't we lucky I'm so sick that we have an official "note from my pain doctor?") and we're now officially NOT going to San Diego's Comic Con.

I know I left it up to him but even though I feel very very sick, I still wanted us to go and expected us to go. I did not expect him to get the refund but wanted to allow him the chance.

Feeling sick and nauseous due to my FMS but angry because this meant more to me than he realized. It is my fault though for allowing him the chance to cancel it rather than telling him how much I wanted to go...

Friends should make plans to see me in Houston at the airport while we're waiting for our flight home from the cruise or in NYC for the event we're modeling at and promoting for batty at.
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