September 20th, 2008

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I feel soooooo heavy...

Well, first day on the road went fine and we managed to take care of ourselves, the cats before we abandoned them to gigan, and the dogs. We're driving straight through tomorrow so we'll arrive drive-fried and with wriggly dogs to the Wake on Sunday.

This week I'm available to shoot or model. I have brought my total batch of clothes from AzAc Designs, as well as getting my next one from her. If somebody wants to play with getting some catalog type images for their portfolio, get in touch with batty and see if you have a camera and/or stylist we could use for expanding her portfolio with the custom items along with the off the rack ones.

Plus I'm making Sam work on a whole day with me with regards to getting new designs put together for three new lines I see Dark Leather working successfully on to expand his catalog and start actually making it easy for people to order his items from him directly.

I'm thankful I've gained weight back, but it can stop coming back any time now. Shooting up 25 pounds in less than two months feels pretty bad after the dropping down to 110 freakout.

Off to read and prepare for tomorrow. Long drive and no spa as I had hoped for waiting at the end. Life remains confusing. I am serious about photo shoots on either side of the camera. I don't have my lights, but hopefully can borrow some. Between wanting to do the Tracy designed pieces for her catalog and just for her to have, really, and having new makeup I want to try out to see about some fun glam work from behind the lens.
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  • 23:17 On our way to a hotel and getting prepared to go to the Wake for Milynn. The dogs aren't having a great time. #
  • 04:31 Dogs and Shawn are snoring and tomorrow we have a longer than originally planned drive ahead of us so we can make it on time to the Wake. #
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