September 28th, 2008


Heading West...

After everything that has happened I didn't want to recognize the fact that my FMS has come back and I'm having an outbreak at the same time as a flareup. I wore myself out trying to do everything in the week we had here. And a lot did get accomplished. We made it to the Wake in time, I did a little modeling using the colored tubing and hanging from the ceiling creating shapes with Jafo shooting and help from Chad, his wife and Shawn lifting me so Jafo could focus on the knot tying.

We decided to definitely sell the house. I don't want to and it makes me incredibly sad, but Austin doesn't have the medical resources I need and the house we rent now sits in an area that makes Shawn much happier. If I have to choose between them I choose Shawn.

So tin the morning we pack the car up and get ourselves to the nice hotel with the relaxation as planned. Then a couple days visiting Curt and his wife in Riverside and then back to our rental and the cats and <lj user="gigian">.

Getting sick again worries me - I have tried to lie to myself and think that the flu was just lasting longer, but now I can feel the pain trigger points activating again when I do too much. Once we get home I have a ton of doctor appointments and we shall see what to do next.

If things settle down I'm going to come back down by myself for a week to spend time with Sam. If it weren't for my health and various other issues I would stay and fly up in a week, but right now I need to start seeing my doctors and stabilizing my condition.

I loved being in our house again and it makes me sad to sell it, but we have a realtor that our landlady recommended so we're making the plans to make the move to the Oakland area permanent if at all possible. We shall see what happens.