January 6th, 2009


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  • 22:10 Updating this from a tub that needs more hot water in a house full of sleepers. Pets and humans. I'm the only awake being in the house. #
  • 05:56 Couldn't update on my iPod Touch - the keyboard acted completely erratically and ruined every message I tried to send. Even emails. Ugh. #
  • 05:57 And yes, once again my insomnia hits at a stupid hour. I've been awake since 3 a.m. and can't fall asleep. Off to go get a cookie or two. #
  • 09:22 Awake again at 7 a.m. w/Erica headed off to work and Shawn getting ready to head in to the booth at MacWorld. Seeing Dr. Linfoot today. Joy. #
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