January 13th, 2009


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  • 16:16 Still nauseous when I wake up. If I hadn't had a total hysterectomy I would be convinced I was pregnant. But impossible so must be due to? #
  • 17:09 Toyota has really let us down. Not only do they have a rear spare tire that only needs a kick in the middle to let thieves steal your tire - #
  • 17:10 Toyota ALSO has a shoddy tire repair service for the tires they do replace. We had our tire go flat AGAIN. Then Toyota left us high & dry. #
  • 00:18 Sick, but okay. So far the couchsurfing guys are sweet. They spent their day wandering SF & are leaving way early tomorrow. Unable to think. #
  • 02:02 Cleaned up since it is garbage night. We have a useful cat litter removal device I earned points for, as well as a fleece blanket & coupon. #
  • 08:05 Awake even though I don't want to. Luckily I managed to sleep for a few hours. Going to try for more after our two guests leave for LV, NV. #
  • 08:52 Made new CDs for our two couch surfers to listen to on their journey. Five total should help them make it back to TX safely & not go mad. #
  • 11:59 My couchsurfing.com guests have left & if anybody reading this lives in Las Vegas & wants to host them today, let me know. They're sweet. #
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