May 24th, 2009


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  • 13:42 Well, last night was interesting. Mostly in a very good way. But also a bad after-effect happened that means I need a doctor's help soon. #
  • 16:24 Researching what doctor to see about the pain & blood. Possibly a semi-serious condition that it will take surgery to fix. #posthysterectomy #
  • 19:30 @languid No point to a hospital yet. Need to see a GP, then a specialist, *then* hopefully fixing the problem. Scary, but I have patience. #
  • 19:39 @languid I feel more like a damaged predator than somebody who feels "sassy & smug" so at least my new profile picture fits me better. :-) #
  • 00:58 Sam had good news, Shawn's sleeping happily, Erica's downstairs with the dogs, I have a hot bath running, & the cats are running up & down. #
  • 03:09 @Vivka We should swap XBox Gold name info when you get back online. #
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