July 11th, 2009


How much do I want to attend?!?

Monty Python stars to stage reunion
Author: Press Association

Four of the main six stars - including Michael Palin and Eric Idle - will be
taking part in the musical adaptation of Life Of Brian, called Not The
Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy).

However John Cleese is unable to attend the European premiere of the show at
the Royal Albert Hall on October 23. The sixth member of the team, Graham
Chapman, died in 1989.

The show is billed as "a comedic oratorio based on Monty Python's Life of
Brian". The hit Broadway and West End show Spamalot was similarly based on
the team's Holy Grail film.

Idle, who stars in the production which he co-wrote with composer John Du
Prez, said: "It is rare you get to be silly on a mass scale. It ranges in
reference from Handel, through a naughty Mozart duet, to the Festival of
Nine Carols, Bob Dylan, and the classic finale Always Look On The Bright
Side of Life."

Not The Messiah features guest appearances from Palin together with other
original Pythons Terry Jones and film director Terry Gilliam. Carol
Cleveland, another regular from the TV series, is also to appear, together
with songwriter Neil Innes.

Idle, Palin, Jones and Gilliam made a brief appearance together to sing at
George Harrison's memorial concert in 2002. Prior to that the group plus
Cleese had performed for an on-stage interview together in 1998, and filmed
new sketches for a BBC special in 1999, although they were not together at
the same time.

A six-part documentary series, Monty Python: Almost The Truth (The Lawyer's
Cut), has also been created to celebrate the 40th anniversary which will be
screened in the US and then released on DVD.

Jones said of the series: "This is a documentary I always hoped that would be
made - something so complete and so faithful to the truth that I don't need
to watch it."

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