July 29th, 2009

Vision, Psychosis

Good Question from an online friend o' mine:

rivetpepsquad: "So here's my Monday Question for you (since one of the things I noticed myself missing was a higher level of online interaction with my peeps):

What era of your life do YOU miss the most?

Which part of your personal history do you look back on fondly or idealize?

What time frame would you love to travel back to or relive?


I seriously miss the time around 1995. I was in love with two people, one of whom loved me back. I had a working open relationship. I threw actual break in raves and attended Full Moon Raves when I could. I met some of my closest friends now back then. Went to Burning Man for the first and last time.

Dreams of health coming back thus allowing me to take part in all the creative endeavors my friends have put forth harass me every day. Emotionally I can handle it. I'm just dealing with normal jealousy. In a good way though since I love seeing people I care for succeed at what they want to do!
über goth, oh so goth, goth

Erase if this is a bad post (I spent ten days in the hospital: Need to sell clothes for $$$)

Any models in my neck of the SFBay Area woods who don't mind exchanging your sexy body in my clothes that can't fit me any more in exchange for either TFP (yes, actual prints) or a dress out of the collection worth the cost of the prints and my time.

I have rubber skirts, tops, corseted gowns made by our own Electra Designs, a bunch of Lip Service, etc.

Hate to sell these things, but money to eat and pay my hospital bills must come first.

So let me know if you live in the area and want to model: drblack at mollyblack dot com. You can see my stuff on Model Mayhem as well as other sites that are dedicated to the sharing of information regarding models and photographers.
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