August 16th, 2009


Idiocy by Molly (aka I'm a dork)

gigan was sleeping in so I went to walk the dogs outside, cane in one hand, two dog leashes in the other, and after a nice neighbor said "Hello" I responded in kind only to have my only pair of flat slip-on sandals give up the ghost & help me trip big toe first on a large piece of concrete.

The pain hit first, then looking down I saw the blood literally pouring down my sandal. They're both in such bad condition they went straight in the garbage after I washed the blood off. I have tons of inexpensive shoes for modeling but none for walking the dogs in the early morning with a cane.

So I'm supposed to create music w/@slauriat today - I just need to rest & rest some more to give my foot a chance to recover enough for an adventure out in the world. Need to figure out a LOT of things this week since futures depend on sorting out what will work out best.

Once again I wish I was healthy enough to move back to our house in Austin & live initial until we can sell it, but sadly that's not even close to possible. And thinking dour thoughts I'll go back to reading my Wattpad books for a bit before ... Actually screw reading. I'm going to watch Arthur on Netflix™ & hope friends come to visit.

Much less depressing all around!

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Need to sell everything I can

I need to start bringing funds in someway and right now selling all my clothes I no longer fit in seems a good place to start.

This means that my corsets, my corset gowns, my PVC/rubber outfits & pieces, my skimpy stripper dresses, and more are available to buy. Vollers, AzAc Designs, Lip Service, etc.

They range from small to medium, from 6-10, from never worn to vintage. This will mean a metric ton of photos I will need to take, unless you have seen a particular outfit which I have been photographed in before gaining all of this weight. Then offer me a quote.

Paypal by verified members and confirmation necessary for secure & safe payment & a small fee included in the price to cover fees I get hit with. USPS Priority Shipping only.

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