September 3rd, 2009


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  • 17:54 : This is the monitor I want. It looks like it has everything I need. I'd trade one of my corsets for it immediately! #
  • 18:00 Between humidity & trigger point pain I'm in bed staying away from computer & iPod Touch. Visitors (especially w/Popsicles) welcome. *HUG* #
  • 20:43 I'm so lucky! On top of the extra damage to me from the car accident I now have started to come down with a flu I caught from my caretaker. #
  • 21:59 @languid : I know, could I have a few days where my body can not have stresses hitting it? *Sigh* Symptoms = not contagious so please visit. #
  • 21:59 @melantha71 : Virtual hot toddies more than welcome! Now you just need to get your FMS under control so you can come visit me here in SF. #
  • 22:00 @slauriat : Guessing you made yourself something very nice to eat & I agree that you should go out for a nice walk. Wish you were here... #
  • 22:31 @bridgetvoid : Don't blame me - blame my caretaker. She takes terrible care of herself & hangs out w/people that have lowered immunities. #
  • 23:21 @slauriat : That sounds absolutely delicious. Glad that you had that to finish off. If you can't find sweet&sour sauce, we can do broccoli! #
  • 23:27 - This tea set makes a really great gift and I can not recommend it enough. I don't need one - I have one & love it! #
  • 23:34 @bunneh : I feel stupidly sad as well. I don't suppose you want to marry an American citizen with two dogs to come live with you & play? #
  • 23:36 @slauriat : Because that's totally disgusting sounding. Maybe the heat started to go to your head & now you're doomed to desiring bad taste? #
  • 03:34 Somebody wrote to me from a site my "photographer friends" started called Model Insider & they want to pay me to model & share print sales. #
  • 03:34 Not a lot of money, but any bit helps & he has a decent portfolio & works in Oakland out of a studio. He has some good ideas too. So yay! #
  • 03:39 @bridgetvoid : If my GP agrees I need a flu shot I will definitely get one. Erica says I just have a bad cold, b/c I don't have a fever. Ha! #
  • 03:40 My weirdness when it comes to medical issues continues wrttf that I almost never get a temp., no matter how sick I get. I get fevers rarely. #
  • 03:48 - Okay, so here's "Watchmen" on Blu-ray on sale. I haven't seen yet but I want to & I'll want to own it eventually. #
  • 03:51 - And here's another one on sale that I know before seeing that I want: Coraline Blu-ray w/3-D glasses. Drool dripping. #
  • 03:59 Wow. This is just insanely geeky which means that it grabbed me lustily. Do you think Randy's right? #
  • 06:02 @choochoobear : I don't think that I've ever stopped having sleepovers & I'm 40. I think it honestly depends on your home life. 12-13 or so? #
  • 08:55 I could not sleep again last night. So I sit here bleary eyed, contemplating paths to take or not to take. I think I have a lot to organize. #
  • 10:57 The girl who purchased the "Stardust" costume from me just sent photos & I want to cry. It fits her perfectly & she looks great in it. *SOB* #
  • 10:59 Not due to jealousy. Due to the fact that I loved that dress & wanted a copy of it made for me in my size & it will never happen now. #
  • 11:00 I just walked the dogs around two short blocks & my leg that has the marks still from the car accident is hurting even more now as well. #
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