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I so desperately want to make music and the more I watch bands I admire performing, the more I want somebody to get me singing for them immediately!
To see many more photos of each item just go to here to see lots more As far as the prices are concerned I am flexible with some, but not with others. The Lip Service or latex for instance...there will be more added to this every other day so keep an eye out for them!

The prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping will be done based on weight and package size. FedEx Ground for anything over 5 pounds (aka for gowns) and USPS Priority Flat Rate Box for everything else. Paypal payment preferred - especially need verified addresses for shipping and insurance purposes. In order for you to look up shipping costs you can use my shipping zip code of 94611.

Though there is only one photo of each item here, if you follow the link at top you will see many, many more photos of the items, including close ups of any flaws. Questions answered quite happily.

My corsets and corset gowns can be found in the corset community and my previous entry with another fourteen (14) pieces of clothing ranging from rubber sets to vintage pieces here at http://mollyblack.livejournal.com/302495.html.

The selling of the clothing continues in earnest!Collapse )