October 5th, 2010

Happy Birthday

What a big week for birthdays!

Hey there to one of my favorite super sexy photogenic models, Ms pvcvirus! I know you're living a very different life now, but I still do want to keep in touch. I've just been so out of it due to the dying and stupid stuff like that it has sort of preoccupied my mind.

But I'm trying to stop letting the pain and nausea rule me (I just started a medication that they give to chemotherapy patients to try and stop the nausea and dizzy spells) and try to just cope and then let it all out in some crying about once a week. Pathetic, eh?

Don't forget you have a place to stay when ever you come to the Bay Area. I would love to see you again...

HUGS! And I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a very inspired year...