January 20th, 2011


Serious Book Sale - I'm Seriously Selling These...

I'm selling things to make space and to buy a Kindle for myself for my birthday. A 27-book series and two 1st edition hardcovers.

Let me start with my entire 27-book collection of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. I have both softcover and hardcover in it, as well as the quality of the books ranging from brand new to gently used.

$125.00 for 27 books = less than $5 a book which includes hardcover and brand new in the set making the total worth more than that.

After some waffling about it I'm also selling:

Mint condition hardcover "1st American Printing" of Aleister Crowley's autobiography for $200-. Aka: 1st edition.

Close to mint condition hardcover 1st edition of the Andy Warhol Diaries for $100-. Only one corner of the covered dust jacket has some dents that are fairly invisible but are still there.

All of the books are viewable in the photos. More photos available upon request.

Serious inquiries only.

Shipping in the US and to Canada. Preference for Paypal and will only ship to verified addresses. Cash and Paypal accepted for local sales. Absolutely no refunds.

All books will be mailed USPS Priority Flat Rate (Box) with insurance and confirmation. FedEx an option - but I do not know what the shipping rates will be.

The Xanth series is only available as a set.


Curly Hair Strikes Again...

Besides selling things to buy myself a Kindle, I also need to sell things for tattoo work. I'm craving not the pain, but the beautification process and end result.

I'm going to get my hair cut by a professional Friday since I have a whole hour to wait due to Paratransit being FUBAR and it hasn't had the help it needs in two whole years. Sam's friend is the last person who worked on it.

This coming weekend I have to balance my health problems with my very real need to sell everything I no longer need or use or treasure in order to buy things I do need, will use and plan to treasure.

Having seen and played with Rhianna's Kindle I definitely know it will be a useful tool for me. I read on my iPod Touch all the time, but to have a real paperback size screen will help my eyes. I read so damned much!

I need to replace my lost earring - I need to up the size anyway. They kept just falling out, hence my lost one, and Shawn and I didn't have the time to replace while he was here with our car. Anyway...

Wigs! Those are my goal for this weekend.


Tried to Send This on OKC

But it won't send. And I find that it's too good a response to let disappear...so here it is for the world to gawp at:

"Well, I move slowly sexually for various reasons. I want to know that there's chemistry of a sexual type before making definite yes plans. Plus there's my illness which makes for me not knowing what I'll be up for. But if you are ONLY looking for sex-play partners, I'm probably not one you're looking for. Cuddling and kissing is much more my speed right now. If I wanted sex only the opportunities would be endless! I'm looking for more of a mutually supportive friendship with cuddling and lots of making out (if both find the other attractive in that way). I miss that much more right now. I really miss the feeling of a tight hug, a deep kiss, and the warmth of leaning into one another as we laugh or cry during watching a movie together, for instance.

Besides, there's the whole STD bugaboo that I would rather not discuss until I know there's a reason. I don't feel a need to introduce myself, say "Hi! I do have this, but only here, and nothing else. What about you? And do you have a penis larger than this? Because I can't fit more than..."

I'm not even kidding about that last part. And that's not really something I want to announce to the world, you know? It just isn't necessary to discuss all these issues until I know if I even like a person, much less find them sexually stimulating. And how many guys want to get asked immediately how big their penis is in length and girth? Not very many, in my experience. (*Grin*)

We have a LOT of things and tastes in common. I have a pretty good idea that we would make great friends based on the clues I've picked up from your profile. But does that mean I will want to get "down and dirty" with you? No clue. That's why I figured we would definitely cuddle but I wouldn't commit to more than that with anybody other than perhaps a few people in the world before meeting in person and getting to know them at least on a superficial level...

Hopefully this will not turn you completely off from wanting to hang out! But if it does, it won't be taken at all personally. I just take things slow - especially right now. I'm getting divorced from the person I considered my soul mate. The person with whom I mutually fell in love at first sight and I spent over a decade with. Add to that my disabilities, my weight gain from steroids, and so on and I wouldn't trust ME if I rushed into even sex play. Who knows where I've been? ;-)

This is long and it is in depth but it's also completely honest and incredibly open. Once again - I don't know if I'll be physically attractive to you and vice-versa. I HOPE so. But I don't take it for granted.

I have a quasi-first date tonight I need to prepare for. I've been spending time with another OKC person as well. I definitely have been lucky in finding people of both sexes to date at my slower pace so far. I hope to include you...but it really is up to you. We only have so much time and energy to give and share...

And I'll leave it there. I hope to hear from you again."