March 7th, 2011


Yeah, I'm sick but there's always mutation!

Watched season "Five" of Futurama and loved it. The episodes with the "Eyephone" and Devo were excellent, in particular. Yay for Netflix streaming on my 360.

Tonight I used my birthday gift from Mutant & Marielle toward buying a frog shaped humidifier and replacement grow bulbs for my Aerogarden.

I let Shawn have my old but sturdy and multi-gallon humidifier with the proviso that if I needed to replace it, there would be no problem with his "chipping in." Well, Rhianna, my new live-in caregiver, says I most definitely need one set up and soon.

My totem animal is the frog, with a lizard being next. Shawn's is the crow, with the platypus sort of being his secondary (at least in my eyes) and one I would love to claim as third in my totem line.

Perhaps my coverup tattoo should still be Cthulhu based, but have the three integrated somehow.

Anyway. I'm ultra-sick with whatever is going round. Rhianna and Erica both have it too. That didn't stop Erica from giving a hands on real world demonstration of how to wash the pets. I now have freshly washed dogs and cats. And Rhianna has found a new monthly chore that's fun for humans!

I'm hopefully finding out this week whether or not I may have something other than esophageal candida. My allergist has hopes he may have discovered that I have an odd, not often seen, alternative problem attacking me.

Other than that I'm trying to take it easy. Decided to extend the lease another year - moving and stress and all that is unnecessary since the home is finally starting to get settled down. It's relieving to feel at least a little stability. Now I just need my health to improve, my music gear here and working, and to get shooting again...oh, and to start the YMCA swimming to get started as per doctor(s) orders.

Actually a lot more than that, but I can start with the core...