July 9th, 2011


Harsh Real Truth

To be disabled and with no help is incredibly heartbreaking. Only the few who help when they can keep any hope in the heart.

But ever since receiving altered divorce papers and receiving no local help when actually begging for it to try to save a beloved pet there isn't a hell of a lot left inside.

The choice to go forward with legally assisted suicide as soon as possible didn't _need_ the extra disappointments on top of the almost unceasing pain. But it certainly cements the knowledge that few will honestly mourn the loss of someone they couldn't be bothered to even visit - even when hospitalized.

Bitter? Yes, a bit. But being disabled and alone and etc even when incredibly sick and to not have anybody give care that attempts to meet the output given during such traumas.

It's dumb to care. To "give up" is not the correct way to look at it. Laying down this burden of pain with all the sorrow laying atop it just makes sense.

Application to join Dignitas getting handled. Same with finding out legal status of a person suffering and applying for Amsterdam residency in any way possible. Or Vancouver.

Can a person claim a status of some type from the government based on the originating country effectively keeping a person alive in huge amounts of pain against the sufferer's will?

The truth is there are a few out there who appear to genuinely care. But a majority don't. And perhaps that's okay. But some people get sick. And the more sick they become, the more friends drop out of their lives. And if a time comes when everything points to a continual attrition then the time to face it and move toward a working escape from the pain. Perhaps repetitive, but the sorrow of all the loss and betrayal just covers the nausea and pain like a smothering blanket.

The ones who help know themselves and have received public accolade.