October 10th, 2011


A Night Full Of Unconditional Love (Many Photos Of Pets)

My home is full of unconditional love from my sweetlings and lots of plants growing indoors to eat as well as to make the home feel even more safe and, well not _happy_ per se, but at least full of the feeling that happiness can be achieved - even as in pain and sick as I find myself.

I have a couple of long time crushes that peered from my mental backburners. I tend to ignore those feelings, but with things seeming to work with Will I guess I feel as though I can let some of me peer out from my secured shell. Turtle Molly, that's me.



Watching all of Season One of Hoarders and while I have the genetic tendencies and behave shopping-wise a little in the "it makes me feel good/better/less depresses" camp. But I do try to make those purchases ones that are for the home or pets or my health rather than too much media.

Having my pets surrounding me, asleep, on my bed, just feels so freaking pleasant. Especially with Petal feeling family enough to sleep under a Blankie by me feet and by Femme Pois or Lolita (not Ein so much).

There's so much I need to do so far as organizing my papers and things. It completely overwhelms me but I've been trying to make sure to take short bursts of energy and use them to get such things as can get done, done.