October 11th, 2011


We Do The Best We Can With What We Have

Watched all three seasons of Hoarders and finished them this afternoon. I could relate to the buying fanatics and hoarders and the people watching this happening. All of the issues that can come up completely brought up ones I relate to. I know that I've definite experiences which relate to some of the homes I saw.

But then again it was so much worse than I have seen personally that it helped me see how relating to people with that mental disease can be harder than I realized to work with. Anyway, interesting show and interesting disease.

Watched Tangled and enjoyed the alterations to the Rapunzel story more than I expected to. Now I'm watching lots of Futurama to chill out. Setting up Will's new phone later and enjoying my good moments until then. He's having some problems adjusting his sleep schedule and I'm concerned he's having depression issues, but he's definitely trying harder than anybody else ever has to fulfill his duties. He's good as a roommate and I want to see us succeed in creating a happy shared space.

My mushroom box is gorgeous and I'm excited to use them for a nice stir-fry. The salad greens and herbs are getting used which I continue to find awesome. The freezer and fridge are doing better and it's neat that I could fix the OXO dish cleaning brush with an inexpensive brush head replacement. I'm happy to get the kitchen cleaned up - the shelving unit has helped us organize and it looks full but makes it look a little cramped.

And now I think I'm going to cheer myself up by focusing more on Futurama. Tomorrow I see my pain specialist. I hope it goes well with Will and he does get how to interact with my doctors. It's one of the last concerns I have.