October 21st, 2011


Nope, Anxiety Amidst Animals Does Negatively Affect My Anxiety...

I could really use a visit with a lot of cuddles inclusive, and soon. I'm trying to maintain calm in the midst of hot flashes, back and some other small painful muscle spasms, and anxiety attacks.

Another Ativan and maybe a bit of pet cuddles after I bring my stress levels down to a good median range. I've got the MST3K Gamelan set and a joint Poirot and Marple set and all the Creature Comforts as well as Sondheim and such. I just need popcorn made and cuddles shared whilst the joint pleasure of these individual bits fit together quite securely to call the night successful.

Come and share your popcorn making and cuddling skills with me. It can bring much peace and joy and happiness. You will get to meet Petal even! And if you are like Erica perhaps washing some pets can get added to your visit. ;-)