October 22nd, 2011


Clean Sweetlings!

I washed Femme Pois and got her safely wrangled onto the porch with Will's timely assistance. He's just finished washing Zweite Ein and now the rest of the day rolls on ahead with drying and brushing her damned thick coat at regular intervals.

After he has run some errands I may manage to come to a point where if Will feels able and capable that washing the cats will round out our home care. Depends on what he feels capable of. Apparently we had (have?) a small flea attack going on. None came off when I washed FP, but Will said about 15 washed off Ein so we need to wash all their bedding and so forth.

The dogs are noisily drinking water while drying off au natural on the back porch. Resting and recovering are nice and happy people and pets before the torment of the cats begins.

Need to get to Target to pick up a few plastic crates to start finishing up my keep from my sell from my donate from my garbage so my apartment feels more homey and less squished. It's a very slow process but when another box gets broken down it really brings a little burst or glow of happiness.

And now for a step back to ease off the throttle as its threatening to choke me from anxiety creep creeping. Le sigh.