November 6th, 2011


More Love That Comes Unconditionally

My sweetlings can't do too much more than they already do. Every night there's either three or four making it difficult for me to fit with them on my bed. Yes, I should be better about my health by not aggravating my allergies by allowing the cats in my room, on my bed, and occasionally waking me with their weight on my stomach or chest as they sleep.

The dogs take more room and even some blankie space, hence the double layer "pet blankie" for FP to sleep between.

While I appreciate Will as my roommate and assistant, I wish more friends would come out of the woodwork to hang out and watch things with them while perhaps cuddling.

Some of the pictures include all four pets, but with the darkness of three and the burrowing skills of one of those you can't see them all. In fact, currently at 7:30pm PST, I have three at my feet and Ein passed out on the floor betwixt her bed and mine. She usually waits until after her bedtime walk before coming running up the pet stairs to jump on the bed with everybody else.

There's a list of friends I miss and want to see and it's growing the longer time flows by. This week will hopefully see many things getting accomplished that will help both me and Will. I bought him a phone for emergencies. It arrives tomorrow.

I'm broke. Between pet costs with emergencies thrown in and prescriptions and COBRA and yadda, yadda, just piles up and overflows. But my caregiver needs to be easily contacted. I may need a friend to come help me out if something goes wrong, etc. Okay. Enough babbling and back to my PKD novel, for now.


Mid-December in East Bay!

Posting this so that it gets seen by my friends: Will has a temp job offer that would keep him away for three weeks mid-December so now seems like a good time to see about a short term stay with me. Part time care and free room furnished and including all utilities in exchange. Come visit me here and have a great time exploring all you can.

Parking permit provided if needed and if not, my car works beautifully for any short or long trips we may choose to go on. Three weeks living with me and the pets. Fun! At least that's the plan. :-)