November 11th, 2011


Love My Pets, Love Me!

I believe pets who are decently trained and well cared for will end up similar to the way I've been lucky enough to have my sweetlings turn out.

They are so affectionate and I know they're imperfectly trained, but they know the words that are the important ones. I'm so happy that Precious Petal has chosen to sleep curled up next to my hip tonight. So all four sleep with me almost every night. It feels reassuring.

Will and I talked a lot tonight about my fears and my feelings about Shawn and about caregiver and patient stuff...but mostly he let me babble and then I would calm down and ask about him because it's not all about me. He's my roommate and assistant and he's cool with it. There's a mutual learning curve but we both seem to be figuring the ways of this new situation together. He's getting a lot of things sorted that will help both of us if things work the way they should. I met a cute friend of his last night. She came over and spent half the night watching Monty Python with him.

Lately I've been more freaked out and scared of the future than usual. The thing I'm wondering currently about has to do with the whole Dignitas issue. I'm unsure of what to do or where to go. So I'll distract myself with the four spots of warm breathing love that surround me...