November 14th, 2011


Life Is So Freakin' Bizarre

Watched a free movie on YouTube that was insane (The Pinocchio Effect) and tonight I decided to try again. The psychotic one this time is about Eva Braun and Hitler. A documentary alternating between Hitler, things blowing up, dead bodies from concentration camps, and lots of Eva Braun doing exercises in a bathing suit. My mind can't freaking cope with this.

YouTube has many free movies in the classics section including such favorites as "Jail Bait" and "The Amazing Transparent Man" and "White Zombie" and "Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks" and so on ad infinitum. The mind boggles at all the treats I have awaiting me on my Touchpad via YouTube where ever I have wireless access! How cool is that?

Petal has almost caught up to Lolita in size! Her tail has the same thickness and feeling when I grab the base to tug on it and tease. She has had a wonderful effect on Lolita. To see them playing and running back and forth through the hallways together just eases some of my pain and causes me to laugh at the look on Lolita's face.

My chest hurts lately. Not like heartburn. It's difficult to breathe at times as well. It may be a side effect of one of my medications. Things are hard to organize right now. Anything requiring me to actually focus usually turns into an overwhelming cause of fear. Of a sort, anyway.

Enjoy my pets as much as I do. Note Ein sleeping with her head using a box partially as a pillow with her nose touching the bill of the toy platypus. I think she misses her daddy. Then there's Petal sprawled out looking completely content on my body pillow. And Lolita preparing to leave my side after a couple of hours listening to the psychotic free movies on YouTube. And Ein just returned to her box as a pillow. Bizarre dog.

Femme Pois is here by my feet. You just can't see her due to angles but mostly because she's burrowed into a blankie thus hiding her from showing up in any photos.