November 27th, 2011


Hugs And Drugs And Furry Love

My sleep schedule has gone completely out of whack. My health isn't doing so great. But though these pictures do not show it, they almost all have all four sweetlings in them. And one of my feet. And the joy of viewing the first two episodes of "The Prisoner" on a found DVD. Makes me want to watch them all.

Will has talked quite a bit about symbology and how writers and directors won't often discuss their use of symbology. This show, if I remember correctly, is all about Jungian symbology of what the protagonist of the show is going through after resigning his M1 type employment. I would love to watch them all in a row with a person very knowledgable about both tv series and the use of Jungian symbology throughout.

Note you can't see Femme Pois, but that's because she's under the blankie by my left foot, facing the same way as Ein (who threw up again on the bed by my feet), Lolita has taken over my body pillow, and Petal's partially under my blankie pressed against my right hip. Petal is purring.

Come and cuddle and play games and meet Petal and watch number six get voted up to number two and gasp in surprise when you see Petal and Lolita together and nearly the same size. And "#2" ends back as "#6" which means time to stop this and check out the "Sahara with Michael Palin" -- I just saw the two cats touch noses as they lay next to me. Nose-to-nose and just adorable and so reassuring that this adoption brought so much happiness and love.