December 1st, 2011




Watch: Obsessed: Season 1: Nidia / Rick

I've watched only half way but it has the closest similarity of what illness can do to relationships on both the healthy partner and the sick's. It really shows how an illness, be it mental and/or physical, affects a relationship.

It's quite intense at times and there may possibly be triggers, but I don't know. They're very interesting and starting with the first isn't a bad idea but yeah, so far this episode shows too much of what we do to ourselves at times. And reading all the Victorian stuff it's not more intense now. People died from brain fevers or broken hearts or other mentally based sicknesses. "It's just really hard." "The anxiety will come down more quickly if you do not compulse."

People sometimes are stubborn to see things as they are. Pure evil is too dogmatic. The second episode has a fascinating OCD person who has thoughts of killing people. Yeah, I recommend "Obsessed" for the intense mental processes and "Ruby Gloom" for gravers and xgoths. Much more upbeat and cheery. And "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" for interesting shows that actually teach as well as entertain to the lowest common denominator.


Today's blood draw was for...(du-du-dah!)


Serum stuff to figure out (I think) why my blood clotting labs keep coming back alternating between fine and not so good. Will walked with me and the dogs to the new Labcorp that opened up only a few blocks from our place. The dogs were happy. Will suffered like a man with the dogs in the cold while the vampires did their bloody deeds upon me. Any of my local friends good at sewing? He needs a zipper on his hoodie replaced. I can't.

The time I used Task Rabbit specifically for a lesson the lying bitch didn't know how and I was too intimidated to not kick her out or not pay her. I mean it said it right in my request for bids. I suppose that's why I've felt that I can recommend my friends to look to work for them, but I don't feel trustful after being burned first time out.

And on that note I will hie myself away so he can go do massive laundry and I can have clean sheets and pet blankets. Both dogs have made their necessary pet blankies on my bed even more necessary. I'm still hopeful a friend or two either can come assist me Dec 15-Jan 7 while Will has his housesit - to have to go back and forth every day is too much for that amount of time. His room is very nicely set up and he can store some stuff in his closet to make room for people either one of us finds that we know and trust.

Okay. The sweat's beginning to ease up. Time to change sheets and organize a bit...whilst and at the same time recovering from my extra fun extra sickness - dizzy spells and retching is SO much fun...