December 28th, 2011


Pictures of Me, Precious Petal, & Zweite Ein

A night full of retching and night sweats with alternating bits of cold sweats. Yes, it feels absolutely horrible, but I've my sweetlings piled all around me. You can't see Femme Pois as she is under the blankies by my feet.

I played with lens, film, and flash using Hipstamatic for iPhone. Enjoyable and slightly distracting. I just finished watching Michael Palin traversing the Sahara. Now to seek either something similar or maybe go to reading or something similarly distracting.

I'm in serious need of "proper" assistance. There are too many very important and serious items to take care of and not a lot of time. Maybe Will can assist me? No. He will make up for lost time when he returns.

It's not his (or mine) fault that Tom put on an extremely convincing mask up until he was here and then it took a couple days for his behavior to hit a sort of point of no return.

I've so many financial things to attempt to figure out. Insurance troubles. FSA questions. Electronics needing help. Cat stands needing fixing or replacing. Same with my sofa. TV started acting odd and then I found that the manual controls on the side are apparently not working at all. The list grows. Need a juicer of moderate strength so I can try and see if it can help me drop any weight at all.

Enough! Enjoy the cuddly pets and deal with my double chin. LOL. :-P

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