January 15th, 2012

Karasu Tattoo Molly Black

I'm Trying Every Day & In Every Way...

Having an especially painful day and night. At one point when I woke I kept pressing a bunch of paper towels to my mouth as retching kept me spitting into them every half minute or so. It may be yet another problem as it seems tied to my on again off again migraine.

Tracy called and she and Jerry are coming over around mid-afternoon. Makes me happy to have their company.

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I'm pleased I managed to get my bluray player connected to both my monitor and the Internet. No more fighting with my 360 to keep Netflix connected. No more fighting with hdmi switching now I've actually got the three-way switched connected and working! I think I was in the midst of a bad mental fog when I first got it and tried it. But I'm managing to fight the pain and nausea and fog in order to see what of my chaos can get sorted.

Yay for "Futurama" on nights like this. Yay for pets who love me. Yay for Carl trying to come visit and Tracy and Jerry coming to visit me. Yay for finding out I most likely do have systemic lupus and the tests just missed it (which apparently can and does happen) so the red on my cheeks and chin is most likely a rash and only partly steroid flush. Ok, that last one was sarcasm. Yay for my Kindle keyboard replacement on its way to replace the current one - which has the keyboard missing almost all characters due to their having been rubbed off. Ok...back to resting and watching "Futurama" and eating cashews.
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