January 16th, 2012

Happy Birthday

Believe Me When I Say To You...

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I'm only surviving the current extra high pain levels by having some ativan. It sucks that pain levels get so ridiculously out of control that if I wasn't surrounded by my sweetlings and (yes, I admit it) technology that allows distraction by way of (say like now) bluray quality "Samurai Champloo" and fuzzy pets (all four are with me) and the ability to share these feelings with - well, really for myself. I've kept a journal steadily since June 1989 and an online journal since October 1996. Okay...must take a mental break and focus on my lovely anime distraction. If I've any awake friends nearby please text me and say you want to come over and squish next to me and the pets and watch with me...Carl, Erica, Randall, Wayne (ok, he's too far away), Melissa...I'm feeling incredibly alone and I can't say it or write it enough: my sweetlings are what ground me when it's at its worst.
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    Samurai Champloo on Bluray so fantastic even with a loudly snoring Zweite Ein