January 23rd, 2012

fallen dark angel

2am & don't it look like it hasn't had a kind word since half past never

Giving "Vudu" a try with the $5.99 credit. Rediscovering "Mary Poppins" and absolutely loving it.

Last night I not only watched "Grey Gardens" - the new HBO movie about the original documentary and the background that led to the "riches to rags" story, but again straight away with the commentary. I cried throughout - even when watching it with the commentary. The commentary is decent, and does have some interesting information probably not readily found elsewhere.

Mary Poppins is a wonderful role for Julie Andrews. She looks lovely and sings quite sweetly.

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What A Way To Start _Anything_

After another short bout of sleep I got up to look for a few final documents I want to add to my application as there can not be too many documents to put toward my request for In Home Social Services (IHSS). The idea of having whomever cares for me having to undergo state testing and a background check can only help to calm me in my next search as it will keep the lecherous, psychotic, and so forth at a (hopefully) minimum.

As I was looking I started to feel a bit nauseous - and each folder caused a bit more nausea to pile on. Will came in and I asked for assistance to stand. He did and suddenly mid-sentence I closed my mouth and made it to the toilet just in time for the violent stomach heaves to begin. The really nasty ones where your tummy just becomes one tight muscle jerking knives around as you silently kneel screaming pure tummy screams.

After a few minutes of fun losing what little was in there Will passed me a Glucerna at my request. Both to take the taste out of my mouth, but mostly because it acts as a decent coat for the lining after such an attack. Will also gave me one of my emergency Cortef shots which I seem to have postponed for too long. I've had myoclonus on and off pretty badly the past few days but I really didn't want another one so soon.

I also took my last Zofran after the shot. So now I'm laying on my side waiting for myself to feel better so I can complete what I have and call to see if Will can hand deliver it. If I need to add what I was looking for I believe my social worker when she says that I have five days after the due date. Hopefully I won't need to add it though.

Nausea's no fun. But the tummy knife pain coupled with nausea is worse than no fun. Plus my right arm is getting worse. 43 better be a heck of a lot better than 42 or I can't attest to not going on a rampage of one kind or another. *Sigh*