January 30th, 2012


Back In E.R. All Over Again

After not having the ability to get around without assistance or scream-inducing pain for over 24-hours I agreed with Will that calling an ambulance (since I couldn't even get up or down a step, never mind all the steps in our flat) and going to the hospital shouldn't be avoided any longer.

So the ambulance came after a short wait, because we told them it was a "tier two" emergency versus a regular 911 emergency. So Will assisted me in preparing for their arrival. Just brought my Kindle Keyboard for reading, my Kindle Fire for watching movies, and my phone for everything else. The pain is fairly horrible and I'm by myself here in E.R. hearing bizarre sounds from other areas and hoping to find out soon if they're planning on keeping me overnight.

Though unless they manage to ease the pain there's a feeling of terror overwhelming me. Luckily I discussed it with the doctor and nurse treating me and I'm being treated with morphine and they're trying to get my back to a place where they can send me home, though I've got to keep a better outlook or else there's no good even the morphine and maybe extra muscle relaxants can do. I've got to allow for what they're going to try but I'm in so much pain it's destroying my fleeting feelings of stress.

Luckily Will's at home with my sweetlings and if they do send me home at any point he's great with the Prius and so long as he doesn't need to carry me he should be able to assist me as I need it. He's longing to move back to Portlandia so I've got a non-relationship parallel to my situation with Al when he missed Boston. Really get along great but their hearts belong to a different city.

The pain is not letting up so I'm going to end this and post. I'm currently at Alta Bates for an inability to walk due to lower back pain from some unknown cause for over 24-hours. If they can get the pain eased up I'll head home at that point. If not, I'm here for a bit. Hugs welcome!


Back In The Hospital Again

Just a quick update: I'm definitely checked in to Alta Bates and I'm lucky because my doctor is the same woman I had when here in 2009 and she remembers a fair amount of my case.

She's definite there's a more serious issue with my back but while waiting for various things, such as discussion with my current doctors about medication changes and ordering an MRI, she's making certain to keep me heavily medicated with both pain killers and muscle relaxers.

If I got a kick out of such things I'd be shouting, quietly, "Wheeeee!" But I don't and I'm just hopeful that her team can help me get my back back to a non-horrible pain place.

Please come visit me if you can. I feel lonely and can't stop crying. Mostly from the pain, but also my fear of the pain causes plenty of tears. Will did the correct thing yesterday and I'm very thankful to have him as my helper when events like this can occur. I trust him with my home, all my possessions, and most especially my sweetlings, including the mighty Feo.

Can't type anymore due to the pain. Erica? Please see if you can visit, pretty please? There's so much more but for now this is it.