February 2nd, 2012


Where to find Molly Black today...

My back went from okay to scream-inducing pain this past Saturday. So after waiting 24-hours, Will convinced me to allow him to assist me in getting to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center over on Ashby and yesterday I underwent back surgery to try and fix a found via MRI a herniated disc.

The doctor came by this morning to let me know that the surgery went well and if possible I may even manage to have them release me tomorrow (Friday). Going home currently isn't really possible since I still can't sit up, though at least I can manage, with help, without needing the catheter to stay in.

I'm very tired and feeling remarkably worn out. The constant intense pain definitely is contributing to my exhaustion. Yesterday I had both Erica and Carl come by to visit, which really was a wonderful emotional pick-me-up. Having visitors does help cheer me up because I feel much less alone. And I'm very thrilled that Will gave me his approval, or at least his "permission", regarding Zoe coming and staying with us during her surgeries and recovery.

It especially makes me happy because even though they've never met and Will's fairly straight-laced, and it isn't as of Will and I have any type of relationship other than as roommates and him as my very decent caregiver. So his positive response feels as though he's trusting my judgment regarding Zoe's staying with us.

Missing my sweetlings something fierce. Their affection and lack of any judgment has me looking forward to going home and being in my!a bed, with my movies and sweetlings and games and so forth. The pain is still nausea inducing, but I'm trying to go through the pain and to the other side so that home won't destroy any of the good this hospital stay and surgery has accomplished.

Looking forward (hopefully) to being able to sit up without needing help. That's when I'll be safe enough to go home without having to lean too much on Will. He's been really good with keeping things going even without me home harassing him. Not that I harass him when I'm home! It's just something that matters to me that I don't begin to nag him or anything like that.