February 10th, 2012


What Can Make Me Smile?

My dogs (and my cats, but they're not welcome as therapy animals) and my friends can make me break out of this total depression for at least a short while.

I'm posting where to send cards on my Facebook and LJ pages behind their "walls". Also, local friends are incredibly welcome to come visit and perhaps watch a movie with me - the bed is very very small, but I have two chairs AND a wheelchair in my room for hanging out easability. I think I just made a new word up.

Very large sweaters are welcome as lender items...I don't want anybody to buy me anything for my birthday or my hospital stay. BUT I don't mind borrowing things that are comfy and will help me feel cuddled and warm and safe whilst at this PTR.

The pictures are from Melissa's visit with my sweetlings yesterday (Thursday). The pain in my tummy and in my back are both pretty high in the scale. I had a very odd talk with the resident doctor about one hour ago...but that's more behind walls stuff.