February 16th, 2012


So Much But I'll Be Good & Just Post Pics

I'm trying to keep the words short and the photos descriptive on their own. And I made sure for permission or Will would be here too.

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There's photos of everything from RNs clearing up to dogs visiting with Melissa. I've a nice one of Will but I don't have his express permission. My birthday was more pleasant than expected and if not for the excessive pain in my area from my lamenectomy in four and five, I would feel okay going home ... But the pain's excessive and I need to be able to go up stairs before going home is a real option. Maybe Sunday if I'm really lucky. But most likely? The two weeks the hospital assumed as my minimum. WAH!

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The Things We Do For Love

"Like walking in the rain and the snow when there's nowhere to go and you feel like a part of you is dyin'..."

That's a song echoing through my head right now even though I'm trying to distract my mind from it. Makes me think of Aba, Carl, Erica, and a few others I've no need to mention.

I'm taking a break from eating because my IBS is attacking in full force right now. Why can't I have super smart worms inhabiting my body?

Melissa called me tonight and we had a nice long discussion. I just used a batch of the warmed disposable cloths and changed my hospital togs to fresh ones so after that and my PTR where I ended up doing a smaller amount of stairs and my talk with my therapist and then with my chaplain (yes, atheists can discuss things with chaplains quite happily if they're the type who have no prejudice regarding faiths or not as the case may be) and basically I had a very full day and evening and I want to go home but tomorrow is (was) wishful thinking.

I want to go home but I'm not going to push myself or else I'll end up back here far sooner than I want. I'm hurting as it is.

"Clue" playing on my background laptop to keep me company. I've got some chocolate pudding waiting for me and I luckily had Will bring my reading glasses so I can see whilst typing this. Not always very easy for me. I'm feeling incredibly tired.

"The 'Lounge'!" and then gunfire. I'd move back to Long Beach (I think) if I could. Okay. Pudding and "Clue" time. More later.