February 22nd, 2012


I've Kept This Quiet B/C I Haven't Wanted

For so long an old woman shouts "Nurse" over and over and over again and it just adds to my desire to rush home to my bed with my sweetlings and my books and pens and movies and so forth. I'm lucky that I have all that waiting for me.

Melissa sold my grill for a mere $100-, but that is good enough for us to share as I've no longer anybody to set it up with. There's hope of getting my washer and dryer setup in a stacked manner, I just need to convince my management company to do so.

My sewing machine, which is effectively brand new is for sale for a mere $250 and includes all the extras I purchased with it. That's over $150 off. And it's metal, not plastic. I've offered both Will and Melissa the opportunity to sell it, but Melissa seems more motivated. We

I had an MRI of my upper back when I was having back pain after Dr. Young became my neurologist and it showed a "normal" herniation or subluxation. But now it's hurting again and radiating out to my shoulders. I'm going to become more gentle, if at all possible. And I'll let her know the first second I get. I've left messages and so forth, but I can't tell her without feeling alarmist.

So I will wait, be gentle with my in home PT starting this week, which Will is supposed to learn, and if Melissa wants to as well, I'm sure she'll be welcomed if we can make the space for her.

Yet honestly I'm afraid of what this all means. Blood work for Dr. Linfoot this early morning and a breakfast to send me off and then Will arrives at 11am. I've packed almost everything already.

So now a few games and the sun coming slowly up making a gray sky for me to look upon when I can move. Because it does hurt to move. But going home is so very wonderful a thought. Almost a month away has been too long. Dogs have visited, but not Precious Petal or Lolita, Princess of Goth, nor Feo or Stripes...

This means the world to me. I hope friends will come visit and bring their love and companionship with them starting tomorrow. I hope for much more even than that, but I'll write and think on those things later...

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