April 1st, 2012


So many pictures, so many visitors!

This is a HUGE photo post as Will started my morning by carefully getting things from my request list together to bring me, though I've no photos of him here. Then Tracy & Jerry drove from Vallejo to visit with requested juices and sodas and roses in a planter for lasting flowers (hopefully) in hand. Suddenly a surprise visit from Melissa and Diane was made even better by their bringing my two darlings (along with Melissa's) to me and by FP's paw on my hand and Ein's close contact as well just how mutual our unconditional love remains.

I'm horribly sick and in pain but their visits helped to bring some of my innate cheerfulness back. Plus Chip's call from Vermont didn't hurt, but alone it could only combat my massive depression so much. The combination of all their shared caring and love helped me recall other friend's love and generosity - the chronic pain and sickness and my worsening condition has really given me an emotional beating and the SNF I'm in isn't helping but is in fact currently hurting.

But these pictures are worth posting as they can help remind me of todays affection.