April 8th, 2012


What A Nice Easter Sunday

My Dad called first. Then my _Mom_ called(!). Them Melissa came by for an extended visit. Carl fulfilled his promise and visited with his surprisingly frightening false mustache. And Dr. Stern came by for a quick check on me. Finally Will brought my requested DVDs of the best Sweeney Todd with Patti Lupone and George Hearn (so I can get the terrible sounds of Tim Burton's version out of my head) and he placed Femme Pois and Zweite Ein on my bed.

Ein's snoring and FP's curled up under the extra comforter I threw over her, asleep. All three of us quite happy.

The cats should be here to make the feeling complete. Unconditional love in a pile of mutual comfort and comforting.

Will is coming to get them and drop off a few requests but this time with them has really made me feel relaxed and all my visitors have caused me to feel truly loved.

The feeling comes and goes but right now it is definitely more quietly happy than normal.

I _LOVE_ this version. Depp and Burton and Bonham Carter made a nice looking crappy sounding version that really makes Sondheim seem as if he wasn't thinking clearly when he "gave his blessing."

I'm here until insurance runs out this Thursday or Friday. No matter that I need an extra week. I can't afford to pay it on my own - I need the insurance paying it as I'm a disabled ex-housewife. So my extra week need has to not occur...

And on that note I'm going to focus on my babies and Sweeney as done perfectly.