April 17th, 2012


"Pretty Women" - Sondheim

I've the song stuck in my head as sung by the two Broadway stars who gifted Sondheim with them doing it as a duet before Patti came out to trio "A Little Priest" in what some consider the penultimate version.

Lolita, Princess of Goth has OCD pretty clearly. When she walks away she has long streaks of near hairlessness showing. I'm so certain that I wrote to Shawn asking him to seriously consider taking her and Precious Petal as I think the triple whammy of his leaving her, Purrbarella dying, and my spending large periods of time away in hospital/SNF have effectively caused her to have a serious stress disorder. Petal has eased some of her loneliness. But not enough. She and Shawn had as strong a bond as Purrbarella and myself. She's going to need a cone if this doesn't cease and soon.

My cleanliness is a step up for me tonight. PT really wanted me to try using my shower chair so Melissa came over to help me do so and to reach places like my back and feet that are out of my capability to stretch to due to my back and such trying to heal but having trouble doing so. Together we succeeded, though my dismay tonight at finding the lupus-style blemishes seem to have spread.

As I told Will, I'd rather worry about a lupus diagnosis than a cancer one. Perhaps those early tests that came back negative were incorrect as Dr. Young said they can be and her visual diagnosis is correct. There's definitely something amiss and the flush, raised blemishes, and open small spots that aren't like bites but more like tiny cuts - not really but I can't figure how else to describe them.

Right now I've Femme Pois under the blanket pressed against my right hip with Petal right against us both (her head is partially on her as you can see in the picture) and Lolita is on my left hip.

My legs have two pillows beneath my knees to keep them raised. My blood pressure was under 100 all day so no BP meds for me tonight. Will picked up my prescriptions from Dr. Stern (FINALLY called in!) tonight - he said he had to sign a dozen times! The filling of my pill case will be a more strenuous task this week.

I'm seeing Dr. Lucido on Thursday. My annual medical marijuana license gets handled by him. He's more expensive but I feel that having a doctor who has been one of the leaders in the battle for legalization makes me feel that though he doesn't (can't?) take insurance he's still more legit than a lot of the high turnover places. I've heard I could get my annual for half his fees but I don't know...it just seems more legit going to a doctor who is writing papers and such. Maybe I'm wrong, but over three years feels like he's yet another specialist I see who is one of the better doctors.

Which reminds me! The pain specialist I had multiple doctors recommend this last stay at Ashby Campus needs calling.

Okay. There's more but that's enough for now. I need to rest.