April 27th, 2012


Oxymoronics? And intervening. Etc.

1. The more I miss Shawn the more I also recognize I'm happier than I've been in a while.

2. Or is it the happier I feel the more I miss Shawn?

3. Will and I had a really good discussion tonight and it ended up with us acknowledging that if he's capable, he's possibly going to move back north in maybe as soon as two weeks to three weeks from now.

4. Tirhas at the SNF I just left spoke with me, semi-seriously, about adopting her 10-year-old niece back in Ethiopia. The mother has abandoned her to the father, or in realistic terms, Tirhas' parents, the girl's grandparents. I'd seriously consider it because other than my disability I would make a wonderful mommy. And yet it's a pipe dream, I'm sure. Though I know that Tirhas' family would definitely help out with babysitting and heck I'd go back to getting loads of free veggie Ethiopian food. ;-)

5. Should I move into a one-bedroom and pay somebody to come in for a specific hourly wage? How oxymoronic is it that even Will thinks it will save me money to do either that or maybe move to a one story two-bedroom where the other person pays rent? But I don't know. I'm considering searching what Cedar Properties has opening up in June.

Chip called about TAM and that was fun, babbling at him. And I'm sad that my Project Open Hand dinner tonight looked and tasted like dog food. Vegetarian dog food, maybe, but still...beyond gross. Usually it's not that bad. But tonight? Yuck!

I've been slowly watching the show "Intervention" and it's only this season (4) where I'm capable of relating. Because they're showing how fucked up these families are that helped create these situations. Telling your tomboy obviously lesbian daughter she's going to hell while you're an adulterer? Beating your kids and abandoning them when you're ready to move on? Sending them into the military where they end up killing people in Iraq and come back with huge survivor guilt? Or how about the family ignoring the invisible illness causing serious pain and calling the person an addict and cutting them from all the meaningful family events? That one they even brought in a doctor to "chastise" the family for that shit. Wish they'd done that for me...