September 7th, 2012


🎶 Feeling So Lonely I Could Cry...🎶

I tried using images in the title of music notes but I'm uncertain if they'll show up as anything but gibberish.

My health has been taking a good beating of late. There's so many stressful things I'm barely able to cope. But if I'm trapped alive in this nightmare there's naught to do but struggle onwards.

I've a pass for whomever would like to drive me and my wheelchair out to dinner and then to the Warfield to see Devo and Blondie this Monday, the 11th. Show at 7pm. So if you have a drivers license, a love of the two bands, and wouldn't mind taking me out to eat at Phuket or Golden Era beforehand, my second ticket is yours. The seats are near the front, in the disability section.

It doesn't need to be romantic or anything like that. I'm just looking for a friend of either sex to take me out on a mutual night out on the town. It's a Monday night so both restaurants may be closed. But I'd really enjoy going and having a fun time.

DM or PM me to let me know if you can and will. I'm not expecting that many responses but if I don't ask I won't ever know.

I'll be dressing up a bit for the fun of it. Wheee!!!