November 29th, 2012


Every Day Brings More (What?) Stress.

This morning started with a police officer coming over and taking my "case" of my stolen Methadone and Xanax so my missing medication can be refilled by my pain specialist. I'm definitely not pressing charges or anything like that. I'm merely doing what I was told I must do in order to not have my body go through withdrawals.

The past week has been pretty hellish honestly. The pain is just horrible, but hopefully my body can recuperate once Raul gets back in the swing of things. He's snoring, apparently happily, in his room as I have "Red Dwarf" Season 5 in the background in my room. He's a huge "Star Trek" fanatic which makes a lot of our hang out time very fun; our geekiness in fact meshing well. 💤💤💤

I could really use a friend to step up. The letter of my definite IHSS approval arrived today and that's great because whomever helps me via IHSS can even get insurance which could be fantastic - plus the 97.1 hours at over $11/ all equals good stuff for whomever helps me and it has me thinking a place of my own will be cheaper and better (at least for me). Any friend looking for a part time job in the Oakland area? Or maybe somebody wants me to move in with them? I'd like that…with the right friend, of course.

Back to Lister, Kryten, the Cat, and Rimmer (oh, and Holly) while resting the horrible back pain and hearing Raul sawing logs in the bedroom next to mine. I need a lot of pain relief. The stress is huge enough I should probably get a Solu-Cortef shot ASAP.

I'm still interested in being a third sister-wife where my inability to procreate isn't a bad thing but instead a good one where I can help watch the family children or having a certain person come grab me and let us build our home off the grid - yet still close enough to see my necessary doctors every few months. Love is all I need. 😍😘😴😬😖