December 20th, 2012


Damn These Sinuses! And A Thank You.

Dammit, but my sinuses are killing me. They hurt! Argh doesn't begin to cover it. Nor does it cover the side effects of it. The pain and nausea from dizziness. It totally blows.

Melissa Gianelloni sent me a surprise in the mail (two, really): Jelly Belly 50-flavor Gift Box, and a 5-color oil-based Sharpies fashion color set.

I tested the Sharpies on a glass jar I've saved my medicinal herb in. Two colors are great so far. I've tried the purple and the orange and they're exactly what I'd hoped for when I put them on my wishlist. Yay! So thank you to Melissa. And thank you to Chip for everything. Including the card.

The holidays are coming upon us so quickly this year. My tree's not up this year, tiny and old as it is, at least it looked lovely when Erica put it together. It's still in the storage unit. Ugh.

Did find an IHSS provider via my Craigslist ad. An attractive younger woman who lives within walking distance and is willing to cover any times that Raul needs off for his family time at religious holidays, such as now and Easter. Hopefully things will go smoothly with her not living here and coming to handle things three times a day.

On that note, I do have space available for any friend who might want to visit me for a chill Winter Solstice and New Year. The 24th-25th we could watch holiday movies galore and NYE we could be boring and do the countdown before beddie-bye. Mimosas for the evening. Or Xingu beer.


"Thanks For All The..."

If you're the generous giver of "Tangled" - the four-disc combo and Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos? It arrived in my mail today with a major screw-up of no name of the giver and the prices listed and so forth. I'd call and kvetch as how come the gifted gets the prezzies with no hidden prices and no name to thank.

But, if you read this? Thank you so much! Let me know who you are, please?

The number of friends having birthdays around now is astonishing. Lots of friends born around the Winter Solstice. Happy Birthday to all my friends ... I'm wishing for good things for you all, but a bit more for those born around now. LOL! ;-)

And now back to smoking and watching "Futurama" with commentary and subtitles. It's fun on a bun. Especially since Raul and I love watching a lot of the same things and we both LOVE the series. Starting at the beginning and heading onwards.

Ps: if you'd like a card from me - send me a PM with your snail mail, your cell number, and your birthday. A card won't be thrilling, but it's fun for me to send to friends. :-)