December 26th, 2012




Yeah. I would definitely define myself as currently quite asexual. No desire and no worries. My perfect relationship would be easy to describe to the right person. Not talking about celibacy. Just to be clear on that front.

Jackie, my "temp" caregiver, and I drove to the Walgreens to pick up Ein's meds. As I turned into my driveway we both stared as I stopped in the middle as Ein was running down the side! She forgot to close and lock the front door! Both dogs came when called and the cats were inside still and nobody had walked in. Luckily. She's young and a bit awkward, if that makes any sense to explain why she messed up.

Raul returns on Friday, along with a cousin and two friends. He's effectively on vacation until the second. Which is fine. I'm definitely looking forward to his return so the plants become his responsibility again. If any die, I don't want him blaming me.

Okay, I'm sharing a picture of my four Sweetlings all scrunched together on the floor of my bedroom, taken this afternoon. Femme Pois is the blue blankie and Ein has her head resting on a couple of my slippers. And the cats are just taking in the sun.

Should I mention that Chip, my sister, and my Mother and Stepdad all helped contribute to me having a pleasant December 25th this year? And I'm very alone, for the most part. Jackie keeps me company some of the time, but it's very isolating, my life. So a pleasant day is worth mentioning.