December 29th, 2012


I'm Maintaining In The Face Of Lonely Adversity

Things have been stressful and I'm trying to maintain a certain level of nonchalance in the position I portray at home. Paranoia and immaturity both have gotten a punch in, via various caregivers.

I've been trying to lift the slack that I constantly find and find it somewhat destructive that each one, without realizing it, tries to undermine the others by emphasizing just how much they do versus how little it appears the other is doing. Each one, same phrases regarding the situation. Just hellish to try and not let either continue on in such a way. At least not to me.

I could definitely use some cheering up. In person would be best. Cuddling with one another as well as the pets, whilst watching whatever possible in 3D, whilst eating Poppycock or some homemade muffins/cupcakes or even just regular popcorn. Drinking optional. As is your 420-with-license self. I'm a total bitch who after Thanksgiving will NEVER share anything, even an expensive smokable weed, that's not prescribed again.

Want soda? Juice? No prob! Want my seemingly shareable meds? Piss off!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Just a mite bit sensitive still. I'm beyond a lot of pain (emotionally), or so I thought. Katie and Raul both kicked me when I was down yesterday…but who knows. Maybe a wonderful surprise will be mine.

You're my dreamboat dream. Who? You know, don't you?

And with that bit of crypticness I'll head off to get some photos off my camera. Maybe share some perfect person has already watched the latest Doctor Who Christmas episode. No matter how. Just...I'd love to see it again.